Pure Win

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Snow time!

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As promised, here is the next video I have available which is some snowboarding action in Beaver Creek. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

I’m baaaaaaaack

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Look owwwwwwut, Shmooove has groooved his way back  into your brains with some crazy ass sheeeeet!

How’s THAT for an intro! Or re-intro, as it is. Hells yeah – I’m feeling pretty good right now as you can tell. Lots has happened in the 2, 3, 4 months since I last updated alls y’alls. Too much to recap, really, so I will not even try to attempt it.

But it is holiday season! Even though I still need to get shopping done, I know I am not alone so that keeps me procrastinating. Hope this seasons is as relaxing for you all as it can possibly be. It never is in my family but we somehow get by.

So, yes, biking season is over. Boo hoo. I wants me some more dirt trails! Guess I will have to be satisfied with the snow ones instead for the next 5 months. I have a tough life, I know.

But before I give up on the biking topic for the year, I have a new video to show. I recently went out and purchased a Go Pro HD Helmet Hero camera for my activities. It is a nifty little thing that shoots up to 1080p with a wide angle lens and is fairly cheap at only $300. Makes for some fun videos, that’s for sure!

Enjoy this in HD:

I will showcase a new video shortly which shows my wintertime pursuits. In the meantime, remember … it’s always an adventure!

Hi there

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Been a while. Good to see you again. Hope all is well. Talk soon!

Hello Guild Drama, my old friend …

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I recently logged into my guild’s forums after a hiatus and what did I find? Guild Drama. Lots of it, actually. One topic in particular caught my attention. Most of this particular drama stemmed from emotional rants of people jumping on one word or one sentence of someone’s post and ignoring the overall point the OP was trying to get across. I typically do not post these type of things but this incident has me befuddled, surprised and a little grumpy.

One member has a hard time getting groups in guild and lists 5 reasons he thinks it may be the case, all of which in my eyes are valid and reasonable. One of those 5 reasons is people being in a “clique”. Over the course of the discussion, members of guild “cliques” enter into the fray and change the tone dramatically. The OP was just asking for advice on how to get more groups and help from the guild, but in my eyes not speaking disparagingly about groups of friends within the guild. I saw no finger pointing or blaming of specific people taking place. He even asked others not to get angry. He said he wanted civility. Unfortunately, it did not turn out that way. 4 pages of people jumping all over each other for a variety of reasons. Wow.

Now, with getting into too much detail, I will say that some of the OP’s reasoning for not getting groups were what I would consider unreasonable. Others have his same “issues” and are either content to solo, suck it up and make something happen with PUGs or quit the game. But the overall point the OP made is something that I can relate to and I feel is worth discussing. Truth is, when I was playing more regularly I actually stopped asking for help in guild chat all together. It was just too rare of an occurrence for me to get any guild group that I would go straight to level chat to find my help. I am very aware of the specific reasons why getting groups was difficult for me, the main one being my starting play time of 9pm MST. Others are typically already into the evening’s activities by that point.  And I suppose that is the difference between the OP and myself : I expect all this challenge in finding a group. It sucks, no doubt, but I still expect it. It was the same reason I stopped expecting to be slotted from standby on a raid. It just never really materialized. *Exception*

But I guess I am just not sure why various people have become so overly sensitive to being in a clique (aka group of friends) that responses to what I thought was a fairly non-threatening question came off so heated. OK, so you play with the same people every night, great for you! Your reasons for not assisting are valid – you are already busy doing something in a group! However, this does not change the fact that there are people around who genuinely need help and would prefer to find a guild group instead of taking the chance of having a 1:45 hour Scion run. And trying to find that guild group can be painstaking at times. Is it your personal problem? No! Do you need to drop everything and help a complete stranger? No! Maybe the initial post was not directed at you or your team. Maybe it was directed at people like me. Or someone else entirely. Consider it something just to be aware of, even if you never do anything about it. Perhaps you will be in a position to assist some night, great! It is all just part of being in a guild. 

Of coursecasual players cannot expect to be geared or have all their Masters like others who play nightly and with a steady group. That would be ridiculous. But I do think it would be great if there was a little more guildy assistance now and then. In all honesty, the issue really does exist.


Disclaimer: Everyone still appears friendly with each other in the guild – this incident doesn’t represents a major fracture. Really, this is a typical forum spat within a typical guild who have normal people playing a game that forces human interaction. It is nothing new or unique and this kind of discussion keeps cycling back around all the time. I personally just needed to vent since this is an issue I too have dealt with on and off, and in more than 1 guild I should add. I am also quite cognisant that I have made a lot of assumptions here. Frankly, I do not know if there was some direct incident, comment or conversation that prompted the post. There very well could have been. But still, the vitriol and venom expressed recently really makes me scratch my head. I have to think there must be something else going on because frankly I just didn’t think it was called for.

Bad news

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It has been a tough week, personally. Hell it has been a tough YEAR. Just bad news followed by more bad news. Well last week was no exception; my grandfather passed away. He was a good, honest, intelligent man. A scientist for 50 years. A philanthropist and volunteer. My amazing grandmother is taking it in stride, saying it is for the best.

“At our age, you need to come to terms with death, and we have.”


Loving summertime

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I randomly logged into EQ2 the other night – mainly to patch the client but then just out of curiousity. I happened to check the research assistant and my Thunderbolt spell was ready! I guess take an extended leave of absence has its perks 🙂 It also looks like the cost of many other spells has dropped considerably – cool. Nothing I really wanted to purchase at the time but I’ll keep checking back now and then. I tried to solo into City of Mist and got my ass handed to me badly. Good to see nothing has changed.

So Odus is the new expansion, eh? For some reason I had an inkling that would be the next area “uncovered”. Doesn’t sound like anything special to be honest. It was one of the areas in the original EQ that I just never went to all that much except to farm in the Warrens or tumble haphazardly into the Hole (again). Erudin was an annoying city and I died in Paineel too much to ever care for going back in. Meh.

Otherwise, life has been very busy and very fun. This past weekend saw me going for a nice bike ride on Boneyard, rafting Pine Creek and Numbers on the Arkansas, attending Mile High Music Festival and even getting some quality family time in. In addition, I purchased the Director’s Cut of Watchmen as well as a used copy of The Force Unleashed for the XBox. My goal was to try to finish it in a week but so far I am well behind schedule, hehe. Nothing new there 🙂

Ahh, summer at it’s best.